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How to get started with golf

Getting started in golf can be uncomfortable, as each step into the unknown is accompanied by shyness and a feeling of not knowing. A visit to the golf course can be an unforgettable experience. Just know a little and you can feel “at home”.

Do I need a coach?

That’s why you generally don’t need a coach to try golf. In the event that golf captures your heart and wants to improve your experience, we recommend taking a few introductory lessons under professional supervision. This will give you the basics of the golf swing and you will enjoy your next visit much more. A lesson with a trainer can be held with several people, so feel free to arrange with friends so that you are not alone.

Training areas

The golf resort offers visitors a spacious lighted driving range, three practice greens, two separate zones for the short game, covered tees that are heated in the winter, ample space for training from both hard and grass tees, and a practice bunker.

Driving range

Golfers can practice their golf swing on the Driving Range. It can also be a recreational activity for amateur golfers, or when there is not enough time for a full-fledged game. The area is equipped with distance markers and balls. Free entry.

Public playground in the castle park

Another option for training not only beginners is the public playground in the castle park. Find out more.

Golf Academy - 6 holes

The public six-hole course (par 3) is part of the castle park in Slavkov and is ideal for those interested who want to try this beautiful sport without any qualifications. Golfers with minimal experience are allowed to enter this course. Even experienced golfers who come here to practice their short game will find it useful. You can play all day in a pleasant environment of centuries-old chestnut trees and with a beautiful view of the Slavkov castle.

Master course - 18 holes

Golf course Austerlitz was designed by a renowned Austrian golf architectural company of Hans-Georg Erhardt from Steyer, who is one of Europe´s leading golf course architects.
We do not require any certificate (former green card) to enter the Master Course. However, it is necessary to know and dodge the pace of the game, the rules of operation and golf etiquette.

What to wear?

Every sport has a certain dress code, and golf is no different. What to wear? No need to dress up in stylish golf attire. Just follow the basic rules.



Chateau park

Public golf course

Public golf course (par 18) is a part of the chateau park. It appeals to all those interested in playing golf without the need of owning HCP.

One does not even have to be a member of any golf club. For a minimal fee you can play all day in a pleasant atmosphere of chestnut trees with gorgeous view of chateau Austerlitz.

How much will it cost?

Many people believe that golf is an expensive sport. This assumption is no longer true. An afternoon of golf won't cost you more than an hour of squash.

610 m
82 m
153 m
99 m
89 m
71 m
116 m

Price list

Training areas
* Entrance to training areas for organized groups of non-golfers, without ZK and without accompanying a PGA coach, 100 Kč / person.
*All-day admission
0 Kč / person
Training balls
65 Kč / basket
GCA training balls
55 Kč / basket
GCA Training Balls (10 Tokens) Member
500 Kč
Federation card (40 tokens) member
1700 Kč
Public golf course
Students under 25 with an ISIC card and youth under 18 – 50% discount.
All day admission
370 Kč / person
Golf club (#7 iron, putter)
75 Kč / piece
Set of clubs
450 Kč / set
Hand trolley for clubs
150 Kč / piece